5 Major Reasons to Take Care of Your Trees

Trees were arguably at the beginning of the human existence. They were considered honorable and sacred. That’s why the European Druids worshipped the oaks. Redwoods were part of the American Indian rituals while baobabs were part of the tribal life of the Africans. Trees were venerated in the literature of scholars and Romans in the middle ages. Essentially, trees have been and will remain important for the human existence. Beyond reasons you should be caring for your trees to enhance the appeal of your landscape and yard, here are some other major reasons to care for your trees.

Trees are a Source of Food

There are many nutritional products that come from trees. They include nuts, fruits, seeds, bark, sap, and leaves. Food products from trees form a crucial part of the human diet. It’s therefore not surprising that gathering nuts and fruits was among the major activities of the early humans.

Trees are Important for Oxygen Production

Every human needs oxygen to live. The mature leaves of trees are responsible for oxygen production. In fact, a leafy tree can produce the oxygen that is inhaled by up to ten people throughout the year in a single season. Additionally, trees play a crucial role of cleaning the air that is inhaled by humans.

Trees are a Source of Medicine

About 50,000 plant species have medicinal value. Trees are a source of the medicine that is extracted from their bark, wood, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, or fruits. This medicine is important for the wellbeing of humans. In places where people have a limited access to the modern pharmaceuticals, they depend on medicine from trees. People with traditional knowledge of the medicinal properties of different trees produce medicine for patients in their communities.

Trees Cleanse the Soil

Trees play an important role of cleaning the soil on the ground where they are planted. They filter farm and sewage chemicals. They also reduce the animal wastes effects, clean spills from the road and water runoff to the streams. Trees absorb hazardous pollutants and chemicals that enter the soil. Basically, trees can store harmful substances or convert them into less harmful substances.

Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide

To make their food, trees require carbon dioxide. Thus, they absorb it from the air and lock it away in their leaves, woods, and roots. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming. That’s means tree provide storage for carbon dioxide. And by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, trees help prevent its effect on the environment. Thus, taking care of the trees in your yard means you are playing a role in dealing with global warming.

These are the major practical reasons to take care of your trees. If you don’t have time to take care of your trees, hire experts like a Medicine Hat tree service company to do the job for you.

Contemporary Furniture For The Sophisticated Lifestyle

Related imageAdopting a contemporary lifestyle, one needs the right furniture for a trendy home. Having the perfect furniture will set a peaceful and restful ambiance in your home. Working in a stressful and busy environment, your house is your ideal sanctuary. One important haven of rest in your house is the bedroom. That is why you need modern contemporary bedroom furniture pieces that will suit you, your lifestyle and your home.

A modern bedroom still needs the basic furniture pieces of a classic, typical bedroom. It needs a cabinet/storage, dressers, night stand and of course, a bed. What makes a contemporary bedroom different from any other type of rooms is that it gives a luxurious and inviting look with a feeling of comfort and warmth. A contemporary bedroom comes with stylish furniture for elegance and sophistication.

The important furniture inside a contemporary bedroom is the bed. There are modern platform beds available either online or in local stores. Choosing the right kind of bed depends on the comfort that it gives you while you rest. Aside from that, modern platform beds can set the theme for your room. There are Zen inspired beds, as well modern canopy beds and many more. Your bed also reflects your personality. So choose wisely.

Another important part of the home is the living family room. Not only for receiving guests, the living room is a space in your home that you can sit back and relax either alone or with your family. It is a place wherein you and the special people in your life can bond or watch a movie while eating pizza. The modern living area must have the right furniture and amenities that you and your family needs.Related image

The accents in your living area will definitely set the tone for the entire house. It is important to choose the right stuff when shopping for your living room. Today, sofas need not be ordinary sofas, but they can have a loveseat or a sofa bed. A contemporary living room must have an entertainment center, such as an LCD TV and audio systems. Modern-built television/DVD racks and plasma cabinets are also important features of the modern living room. It is also advisable to put a bar console in the living room, especially when you are constantly entertaining guests and hosting parties. The contemporary family room is indeed a great place for rest and entertainment. It is an important area in the home, together with the bedroom. Decorating the right pieces for these areas of the home is vital and must be well-thought of. They need not be expensive. It is a matter of mixing and matching.

Hungry for more ideas about upgrading your home? Take a look at New Home Makeover.

Tiling Installation for a Brighter Bathroom

Image result for Tiling Installation for a Brighter BathroomNew bathroom tile installation is a great upgrade for any bathroom. Many homeowners tackle this job themselves. It’s really not that hard provided you learn about the tricks that you must get right. For example think about these five tricks for bathroom floor tile installing. There are many people who are very curious in how to go about proper bathroom tile installation. If you are one of these people, then you might want to know that this could be one challenging task but if done well, this could be fulfilling and fun. But of course, you can surely find a lot of reliable tips when you search online.

First, you have to decide on which particular color and pattern would you settle for in terms of the tiles. Try to visit a tile shop so that you can choose from a wide variety of colors, materials, and sizes that you would find perfect for the current style of your bath. The cost of the tiles you will choose will also depend on the kind of materials it was made out of. So make sure that you settle for the tiles costs that would fit your personal budget allotted for it.

Related imageMake sure that you settle for an attractive looking color that would make your bathroom look nice and presentable. Before you apply the tiles, you should remove all dust, dirt, and adhesives in the flooring so that the repair work will be completed well. Make sure that all the tiles you will get are also of good quality and all of the same sizes. If you will not notice that you have gotten yourself some poor quality tiles, then you would soon find out that cracks have developed sooner than expected. This could lead to more expenses that you expect.

Article written by: professional Winnipeg tile installers.

Paint Jobs For A New You & New Home

Image result for paint jobs for New HomeOne of the things that people fear most when starting a decorating project is the pungent smell of fresh paint. But due to the recent improvements in the materials used for this kind of job everything has become even more simple. The first step when embarking on such a project is knowing exactly what you want to create in your home. So try to take a good look around your house and imagine what you would like it to look at. There are various magazines and websites that are specially designed to make your decision process more simple.

If you want your home to have a trendy look then you could do a little research and find out what the color of the year is. For example, in 2010 the most sought after color in matters of painting is sky blue. This is a color that is both soothing and relaxing. If you are painting your children’s room then you can be sure that this is the best color you could have chosen. Of course, there are other things that might interest you. Maybe you would feel more comfortable if you had your walls painted in a color and the ceiling in another color. You can choose to combine different colors in order to obtain the effect that you were looking for. There are just options that you have to decide on your own.

But the best part of decorating is that this type of project has become hassle free. If you are worried about the pungent smell of paint then you shouldn’t. Researchers have developed a new type of paint that is odor free. Another great characteristic of this paint is that it dries up really fast. So, you can move the furniture back in the room after only a few hours. Also this type of paint has more consistency thus you can be sure that it is really helpful in your project. If you are looking for a sleek look then you should opt for a silk paint and if you are looking for a matte look then rest assure because you will also find it. It is easy to start a decorating project and with all these improvement it has become even more easy.

The Kids Are Finally Gone…Let The House Purge Begin

It happens to everyone who has children. One day you look around to realize that the toys have overtaken your house. As you step on a minuscule piece of Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Café Play-set, you can’t even remember the last time your daughter played with the set. You wonder how this little plastic piece ended up embedded in your foot, when the other 150 pieces have long been MIA. You dread the next birthday or Christmas, when the mess of toys and their thousands of pieces that inevitably get lost and distributed around the house will compound and grow like some kind of mutant beast. It’s time to take action. It’s time to purge the toy collection.Image result for House Purge Begin

Before You Begin

One thing you’ll need to decide beforehand is whether or not your child is going to help you with this project. Purging toys can be a valuable lesson for kids. They learn about letting go of things they don’t really need or want. They also learn about keeping a tidy room and having a specific place to put each toy or book. If you will be donating some of the toys, it’s a great way to train them in giving to others in need. Allowing your children to help you with this project can be a rewarding experience for your both.

It can also be a total nightmare. If your child’s nature is on the emotionally nostalgic side, it may too difficult to get her to part with her things, even if she hasn’t touched them in 2 years. If your child is too young to understand sharing or giving to others, it may be a better idea to handle the project when he is not around, and chances are he will never notice anything missing. Whether or not your child participates in the purging process is your call, and should be based on your own knowledge of your child’s emotional nature, maturity and the likelihood that you will finish the purging project only to find that everything in the “discard” pile has mysteriously migrated back into the “keep” pile.

The Space

This project typically takes a good chunk of time and space, so be prepared. Attempting to tackle it for a few minutes here or there is rarely effective. More than likely, you will need to carve out a few hours during which you can have a room to yourself with as few distractions as possible. If your children are not participating in the project, try to have them out of the house. It will not help your progress to have them running through the room rearranging all your piles.

Once your have determined the space in which you will be working (typically the child’s room or playroom, or wherever the majority of toys are stored), begin by carrying an empty laundry basket throughout the house and filling it with all toys that have made their way into other rooms. When you have gathered all the toys in the outlying rooms, deposit those toys somewhere in the room where you will be conducting your purge. A pile off to the side is fine, as long as you leave enough floor space for the four sifting piles. You may need to make several trips with your laundry basket to transfer all the scattered toys to the working room.

Related image

The Sifting Piles

This part of the project is essentially like sorting laundry. In the room in which you will be working, create four separate spaces: The Pieces Pile, The Keep Pile, The Pass On Pile, and The Donate Pile. A large trash bag can serve as a receptacle for the Keep, Discard, and Pass On piles, as long as you can remember which one is which. Do not attempt to eliminate The Keep Pile by leaving the toys you intend to retain in their current location.

The Pieces Pile

This pile is a temporary place to keep play sets that have pieces. You may think that all the slides from that ViewMaster are long gone, but you’ll be surprised at the pieces and parts you uncover as you sift through the mountain of toys. You may have some complete sets that you had given up hope on ever putting back together. Put loose pieces in a sealable bag, and when you have a complete set (or have located all the pieces that you can), move the set to one of the destination piles.

Image result for House Purge BeginThe Keep Pile

Obviously, this pile is for the toys and books that you intend to keep in your house. If it’s something your child plays with regularly or asks about when it’s not in front of him, it should probably stay in this pile.

The Discard Pile

This is the trash pile. It’s the pile of toys that would have no more value to anyone else than they do to you. Discerning which items should go to the Discard Pile as opposed to the Donate Pile can sometimes be challenging. Here are a few guidelines: Worn or broken items should be tossed. Most places that take donations try to sell the items they receive. If you’re looking at a toy that you would never buy off a shelf at a resale store, chances are it belongs in the discard pile. Don’t donate a bunch of junk. It will just get thrown away and waste the time of overworked employees and volunteers. If the toy is missing most of its pieces, it probably belongs in the discard pile. Stuffed animals are very difficult to clean and can look worn after just one washing. Unless Winnie the Pooh has not been played with and still looks brand new, he belongs in the discard pile. Personalized or monogrammed toys usually need to be thrown away, because the chances of someone finding it who has the same name as your child are pretty slim.

New Season Means New Home Makeover

Image result for New Home MakeoverMany people use the money saved from refinancing to get started on home remodeling projects. Sometimes with just a little effort and money invested, you can significantly increase the value of your home. Whether you are planning on selling your home or are just ready for a makeover, there are certain areas that you might want to tackle first.

1. Check your electricity. Homes built before the 1970s were not designed to handle the power voltage levels that are common in the average US household today. With more and more electronics and appliances demanding electrical service, it will pay to make sure your home is able to handle a minimum of 100 amps and up to 200 amps that is the standard in most new homes today. Check the wiring as well, aluminum wiring is a sign of an older house.

2. Check your plumbing. Older houses usually have either copper pipes or galvanized pipes. A galvanized pipe is a steel pipe with a protective coating of zinc that is intended to extend the life expectancy of the pipe. Galvanized pipes can last up to 50 years on average, but if you live in an area with an elevated amount of minerals in the water supply – the pipes can corrode easily. Have your pipes inspected and consider replacing them if the corrosion is extensive.

Image result for Home Makeover3. Remove old carpet. If you live in an older house you might be lucky enough to have wooden floors under the carpet that are in pretty good condition. Wooden floors appeal to many buyers, and spending the money to refinish them up will certainly impress buyers more than your old carpet.

4. Spruce up the kitchen. If your kitchen is looking a little dated, there are a few simple tricks that might help you update your look without a complete overhaul. Replacing cabinet hardware with stainless steel or nickel knobs is one way to start. If the cabinets are made of wood, try cleaning and repainting before you consider completely replacing them. In an older house, any color or pattern that may be on the countertop or walls should be updated if it makes the buyer aware of when the house was built.

5. Clean up the walls. Although wallpaper is making somewhat of a comeback in small quantities, wallpaper applied in the height of the 1980s is easy to spot. You can buy wallpaper that more easily takes paint at your local hardware store, but this may be more work than just taking down the existing wallpaper and re-painting. Also be sure to clean up door knobs, light switches, and electrical outlets. Replace any broken or chipped cover plates.Image result for Home Makeover

6. Update appliances. Unfortunately, houses built in the 1990s may be beginning to need new appliances and upgrades. Many air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Although this may seem like more of an expense than you would like to pay, the new energy star appliances on the market now will save you considerably on your bills. Buying a home? Refinancing your mortgage? Need some spare cash to renovate your home? There are lots of reasons why you may need to talk to a mortgage broker about a mortgage. The biggest mistake you can make before you do is not doing proper research first.

Bring A Smile To Your Front Yard

Image result for Your Front YardOne of the most important aspects of landscape design, and this definitely applies to small spaces, is creating a front entrance that is inviting and curb appeal that is attractive and adds value to a home. Even if your front entrance is small, you can have a beautiful front entrance. Even if you have no front yard – your curb appeal can be maximized with careful planning and thought. You can easily use what small space you have to create a large impact on how the façade of your home feels and looks. An inviting and beautiful front to a home will increase neighborhood pride in ownership. It’ll add literal desirability to your home which adds value, important if you’re selling it. And most importantly, a small, beautiful front space will bring you home each day with a smile. Here are three simple tips on how to create maximum appeal with your small front yard and space.

Use vines! Vines are a small space’s best friend. In typical design, it’s easy to add impressive dimension by layering objects based on size, and this is especially important when it comes to landscaping the front yard. Taller objects are behind shorter ones, which creates dimension and can make an area appear larger than it already is by taking advantage of vertical space when horizontal space is limited. In an area that may not fit large trees and shrubs that add vertical elements to a front yard, vines can be substituted and can have the same effect. Use trellises that are specially designed to support vines of size, or sink trellises into the ground or in pots to support smaller vines. We love Clematis because of its beautiful and long-lived flowering. Place vines in the rear of your design, along walls and porch columns. Train them to grow around doorways. Allow them to take up as much height as they can, which will add a large visual element to your small entrance.

Pots, pots, pots! Another way to add size to small spaces follows the same principle as adding vines, but instead with pots! Pots are made in all sizes- from very large, to tiny. Use varying sizes of pots to create visual depth in an area that doesn’t have a lot of actual depth. Place larger pots behind smaller ones in groups, and don’t be afraid to fill them with perennials that you often see in large landscapes. Many perennials will live just fine in pots. Grasses are a wonderful choice in pots and do well in pot culture. There are many sizes of grasses, and they are all excellent choices depending on the size of the pot. Try layering medium pots among a display with this lovely Acorus Ogon Grass. It’s bright yellow variegation will brighten up a small space without much work. The ‘Chip’ series of butterfly bush is another great perennial for pot culture, and their small size makes them ideal for small spaces. ‘Blue Chip’ will play well with the Ogon grass in a pot display in full or partial sun. Layer in pots of annuals too- often found in pretty, ready to display pots for purchase.

Opt for smaller ornamental versions of the big things. One simple example – Japanese maples. Even if you have limited ground space, there’s likely a cultivar of these amazing small trees that will be able to grace your front area. Image result for Your Front YardSome of these trees can even be grown in large pots – which is essential if you live in an area where it may get too cold to keep most Japanese maple cultivars outside year-round. We love the Japanese Butterfly Tree, which tops out at a small 10 feet in height and sports lovely color in foliage all year-long. You can trim Japanese maples to take on that open, gnarled, and layered characteristic that we all picture well-kept Japanese maples as, or you can allow this cultivar to grow and fill out as it pleases for a lovely, balanced look. It’s small and unobtrusive size will make it perfect for most all small spaces, and will easily add a pop of color where you need it most.

For more ideas on adding small size plants to your small yard, check out our Small Size Plants. We hope these three ideas help you create a big impact in your small front yard space. Build a beautiful front yard with these three ideas and you’ll soon have the front façade of your dreams- even if it is tiny!