Trees were arguably at the beginning of the human existence. They were considered honorable and sacred. That’s why the European Druids worshipped the oaks. Redwoods were part of the American Indian rituals while baobabs were part of the tribal life of the Africans. Trees were venerated in the literature of scholars and Romans in the middle ages. Essentially, trees have been and will remain important for the human existence. Beyond reasons you should be caring for your trees to enhance the appeal of your landscape and yard, here are some other major reasons to care for your trees.

Trees are a Source of Food

There are many nutritional products that come from trees. They include nuts, fruits, seeds, bark, sap, and leaves. Food products from trees form a crucial part of the human diet. It’s therefore not surprising that gathering nuts and fruits was among the major activities of the early humans.

Trees are Important for Oxygen Production

Every human needs oxygen to live. The mature leaves of trees are responsible for oxygen production. In fact, a leafy tree can produce the oxygen that is inhaled by up to ten people throughout the year in a single season. Additionally, trees play a crucial role of cleaning the air that is inhaled by humans.

Trees are a Source of Medicine

About 50,000 plant species have medicinal value. Trees are a source of the medicine that is extracted from their bark, wood, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, or fruits. This medicine is important for the wellbeing of humans. In places where people have a limited access to the modern pharmaceuticals, they depend on medicine from trees. People with traditional knowledge of the medicinal properties of different trees produce medicine for patients in their communities.

Trees Cleanse the Soil

Trees play an important role of cleaning the soil on the ground where they are planted. They filter farm and sewage chemicals. They also reduce the animal wastes effects, clean spills from the road and water runoff to the streams. Trees absorb hazardous pollutants and chemicals that enter the soil. Basically, trees can store harmful substances or convert them into less harmful substances.

Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide

To make their food, trees require carbon dioxide. Thus, they absorb it from the air and lock it away in their leaves, woods, and roots. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming. That’s means tree provide storage for carbon dioxide. And by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, trees help prevent its effect on the environment. Thus, taking care of the trees in your yard means you are playing a role in dealing with global warming.

These are the major practical reasons to take care of your trees. If you don’t have time to take care of your trees, hire experts like a Medicine Hat tree service company to do the job for you.

5 Major Reasons to Take Care of Your Trees
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